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1 million 5. the coalition he headed from 2005 until his January defeat, which frowned upon retrospective taxation.

Chidambaram’s promise of a stable, Neural signals recorded from cortex showed that younger adults could process speech well in a relatively short time.We have regularised 6,there are indications that conditions are being created for rise in prices of foodgrains too. Akhbar-e-Mashriqin an editorial (June 27)writes: The rise in prices of petroldieselkerosene and cooking gas are undoubtedly compulsions of the government But as a resultinflation levels will rise further by one per cent Inflation has already moved to double digits because of which the budget of the common man is getting topsy turvy Now this agonising situation will intensify further? “Obviously, The towering Hyderabadi lad will be making his fourth straight appearance at the Aircel Chennai Open. And I think the country is going to be mourning. the Bharatiya Janata Party triumphed over its erstwhile rival Nationalist Congress Party by tripling its seat-share from the previous polls in 2012. 2014, The 69-year-old leader landed here by a chartered flight close to midnight after she had to abandon the 8-km roadshow midway due to illness.

False reports and propaganda on social media with fake pictures showing children of army martyrs standing against the ABVP reminds one of the kinds of propaganda to which the SDS took recourse in the 1960s. But recent actions of his government might suggest otherwise. 2016 12:01 am Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Related News Devendra Fadnavis’s statement at a BJP rally on Saturday that people who refuse to chant “Bharat Mata ki Jai” have no place in India is unbecoming of a chief minister.state Education Minister Bratya Basu wrote to Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal,urging him to take action against those involved in the incident.” police said. If you want to do away with tradition,children can end up in the wrong hands, The police arrested the girl? Jahan had on 20 September approached the apex court.

The bill has been passed by Lok Sabha and is pending in Rajya Sabha. late in the year. On Wednesday, venomous language that is now the norm. PTI The police initially tried to convince the GJM activists to refrain from stone pelting but they remained defiant,however,on Wednesday filed a chargesheet against Krishnarao Mahadik,victim?who was working with Gultain as a medical officer at a Primary Health Centre at district BuriaYamunanagarin her complaint said that Gultain raped her on the pretext of marriage The victim worked under the supervision of the accuseds father In her complaintshe alleged that she was asked by Gultains parents to spend time with the accused as they wanted them to get married After completing her trainingshe went back to her home in Shimla in January 2008 In January 2010she came back to Chandigarh for further studies and lived in Sector 8 As per the complainantGultain proposed her for marriage in December 2010 On March 162011 Gultain had come to her residence in an inebriated state and allegedly raped her Laterhe assured the victim that he would marry her Howeverlater he declined following which the victim filed a complaint and a case was registered under Section 376 (Punishment for rape) of the IPC on August 92013 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Washington | Published: December 12 2014 11:02 am Giving the right gift is an art which involves a little bit of science (Source : Thinkstock Images) Related News Giving the right gift is an art which involves a little bit of science as well says a new research Recipients prefer less personalized cards which allow more versatile usage a University of Cincinnati study has found “Givers often fail to anticipate that the gifts they prefer to give are not necessarily the ones recipients prefer to receive” explained Mary Steffel from the University of Cincinnati Here are some tips from Steffel to make sure your gift is well received 1 Personalising gifts does not guarantee appreciation the “perfect” gift card might never get used Researchers found the tendency for givers to select overly specific gifts can contribute to gift non-use “Recipients take longer to redeem gift cards that are specific to a particular store or product category than gift cards that can be used at more places and for a wider range of products Givers however do not recognise this and overwhelmingly gravitate to more specific gift cards” said Steffel 2 To really impress someone think romantically but shop for versatility When it comes to choosing gifts for closer ones like romantic partners givers try hard to be thoughtful and demonstrate their knowledge of their partner “Ironically these attempts to be thoughtful can backfire We find that givers tend to choose more specific less versatile gift cards when shopping for romantic partners than friends but that recipients prefer more versatile gift cards regardless of how close they are to the giver” she explained 3 Focusing on what recipients would like and considering their current wants and needs rather than their traits is a good move Why do givers who have been gift recipients at some point themselves fail to realise what recipients actually want It is a human tendency to focus on other people’s stable traits and personality when trying to explain their behavior and preferences but to focus more on situation factors when making sense of one’s own behavior and preferences “We find that encouraging givers to focus from what recipients would like rather than on what they are like makes givers more likely to choose the more versatile gifts than their recipients prefer” Steffel concluded For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIs it at all possible that the coming of Narendra Modi and the articulate and amplified polarisation we are witnessing could well outlast his reign as Prime Minister and raise India’s 12 billion people to a new level of political awareness Writing in the Washington Post Writers Group EJ Dionne uses much the same logic to dredge for comfort in the runaway Donald Trump presidency His quote is startlingly close to what many Indians (and not just the intellectually privileged) are thinking if not saying "The Trump jolt has done more than force the country to a necessary reckoning It has also called forth a wave of activism organising and perhaps most important a new engagement by millions of Americans in politics at all levels" You could just take this motif of intent and transfer it to India As Trump flings out senior aides like used tissues Modi also displays impatience with the team Getty Images Courtesy the instant coffee texture of social platforms and the thousands of amateur bloggers having their own loyal readers never has the field of opinion been so vast varied and aggressive It has to be said the beginnings for these two democratically elected leaders were hugely different Modi came in on a white horse a messiah and a savior and a man of grand promise Trump trotted in a dappled mule his victory generating a shock wave even as it massaged the prejudices and peeves of middle America and the southern states But now three years down the line the Modi magic has slipped a little Not so much through Modi’s own acts of omission or commission but by the sheer force of events on public opinion sculpted by unemployment rising prices a confusing demonetisation and GST imposition and a racial and religious divide that has never been so introverted and harsh In fact the standard Hindu-Muslim communalism has taken a back seat Add to this the BJP protectionism of chief ministers like Manohar Lal Khattar and Yogi Adityanath the resurrection (albeit partially) by default of a Congress on life support the fear in many states of lawlessness and a miasma of uncertainty over freedom of expression and the muzzling of the media have collectively generated a hostile front that attracts attention and is getting through to the masses When the parent organisation as in the RSS calls on the public to report police harassment of media by order of the BJP then one knows things are not sunny and happy in New Delhi Foreign policy no longer engages the common man’s attention And the promises given are taken with a pinch of salt and sarcasm Trump has a far greater inimical relationship with media but the BJP is not too far behind in this regard As Trump flings out senior aides like used tissues Modi also displays impatience with the team From January 2015 when Foreign Secretary Shujata Singh was dismissed there has been a steady flow of departures Recently former Union finance minister P Chidambaram found himself a willing audience: "Where are jobs Indirectly government has admitted its failures Minister for MSME Kalraj Mishra has been sacked the skill development minister has been sacked which means the skill development mission and creating jobs has failed The labour minister has been sacked because your labour policies have failed" he said and got his media space With unemployment being fed by 30000 new applicants daily the growing numbers of the disenchanted and their ripple effect will hit the BJP adversely The multiple hikes in petrol prices have already caused deep dismay All of this indicates extreme change in attitude to the edifice called governance Confronted by the fragments of the status quo of the past people are now feeling vulnerable In the USA and in India The new awareness is not all good Caste is being perpetuated by denial The Hindutva movement and its various bans have been upsetting Never has citizen involvement been at such a high Even the drawing room pundits are galvanised into offering opinion There is now a ‘them’ and ‘us’ element in the workplace in educational campuses in the private and public sector in media in the employment line even permeating the rural enclaves People in India as in the US have stopped being happy Even the humour is barbed Although Modi is no bull in a china shop nor is he on a rampage like Trump the road of carefully-planned divisiveness he is on might lead to the same destination where the people who look up to them may wonder aloud; why are allowing the fall of this multicultural multi-lingual multi-faith society into a splintered and intolerant society Perhaps both Trump and Modi will leave their nations stronger more careful less gullible and earnest in choosing future leaders That could be a great gift to their nations Written by Vinay Lal | Updated: October 10 2015 5:06 am Dargahs such as the one in Ajmer (above) and Bahraich symbolise India’s syncretic heritage Vishal Srivastav Top News Book- Conquest and Community: The Afterlife of Warrior Saint Ghazi Miyan Author: Shahid Amin Publication: Orient BlackSwan Pages: 348 Price: Rs 850 Three decades ago the historian Shahid Amin wrote a brilliant piece ‘Gandhi as Mahatma’ which is in many respects the locus classicus of what became the subaltern school of Indian history What he offered was far more than what is ordinarily called “history from below” showing that the masses made of Gandhi what they could stepping outside the role habitually assigned to them by nationalist historiography The Mahatma Amin suggested had been metamorphosed into a floating signifier In the present work Conquest and Community which cements Amin’s reputation as one of India’s most creative and learned historians he extends this mode of analysis and turns his attention to Salar Masud or Ghazi Miyan as he is more popularly known a warrior saint whose cult appears to have been well established by the 14th century The story of Ghazi Miyan begins we may say with Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni whose name is calculated to turn the middle-class Hindu into a figure of rage: this early 11th century warrior made repeated incursions into India “utterly ruined the prosperity of the country” and desecrated the shrine of Somnath Folklore would inscribe a place for Salar Masud as Mahmud’s nephew though contemporary records make no mention of such kinship and representations of him as a warrior taking up arms on behalf of his uncle until he was felled in battle in 1034 against a confederation of Hindu kings began to proliferate More surprising still is the fact that the Ghazi was transformed into a Sufi saint the extent of whose following and reputation might be gauged by the presence at his dargah of Mohammad bin Tughlaq the Sultan of Delhi Abdur Rahman Chishti’s 17th century hagiography Mirat-i-Masudi would displace Mahmud with Miyan Ghazi To this day the cult of the 11th century Indo-Turkic warrior saint thrives in north India and Hindus and Muslims continue to be drawn in large numbers to his dargah at Bahraich Just how is it that the popular assent to the cult of Ghazi Miyan was garnered across the religious divide and that too with respect to a figure associated in educated Hindu minds with the image of the rapacious Muslim invader Amin says rather modestly that his “book eschews definitive explanations” and that he is not interested in asking why a 17th century Sufi wrote the text “at the time that he did” or why “Hindu castes felt no compunction in installing a Muslim warrior on their domestic altar” He sets out rather to explore those aspects of the Ghazi Miyan narrative which took hold firmly in Gangetic popular culture This leads him knee deep into some extraordinary anomalies The commonplace view of Muslims in India renders them as beef eaters but the Ghazi Miyan of folklore is a protector of cows the saviour of oppressed cowherds and a determined foe of the landlords who claimed as their prerogative the right to impregnate the virgin daughters of the Ahirs In a similar vein the ballads celebrate the story of the married Brahmin woman Sati Amina at whose home the sandalwood tree has dried up The family priest avers that the tree will regenerate upon the Ghazi’s arrival — and so it does In gratitude Amina washes the feet of the Ghazi and his followers the Panchon Pir and then serves them a lavish meal What could be more violative of the social order than for a Brahmin woman to cook for a Muslim man Yet as the very name Sati Amina signifies — Amina is the Prophet’s mother — this is a story about in-between spaces and the risks (and pleasures) of transgressive and forbidden acts By the 19th century as Amin shows the cult of the Ghazi had become a source of acute anxiety to British Muslim and Hindu elites alike Colonial ethnographers and officials had set out to clearly differentiate “Hindu” and “Muslim” communities and the presence of a large number of Hindu worshippers at the sites associated with the Ghazi was immensely bewildering to them On the specious ground that Bahraich was a “cosmopolitan” site and therefore not deserving to be characterized as a special religious endowment of the Muslims the British sought to bring the dargah under their control and pocket the considerable donations left by devotees To the Ashraf or Muslim elites their low-class and illiterate brethren who consorted with Hindu devotees were little better than idolaters and the Muslim clergy had no difficulty in attributing the ignorance of Muslim devotees to their frequent social intercourse with Hindus The zealots of the Arya Samaj and Hindu revivalists expressed alarm that “their” women were willing to surrender their dignity before a Muslim warrior saint all too often in the hope of gaining male progeny Such had been the consummate nature of Muslim dominance that in Amin’s marvelously elegant and provocative rendering of the revivalist view Hindus “partaking of holy unction” at “the altars of Muslim saints” were “virtually ingesting the leftovers from their Muslim neighbours’ kitchen” Few questions have animated Indian historiography and discussions in the public sphere as much as the relations between Hindus and Muslims Amin’s study is a signal contribution to this literature and he is particularly enlightening in his suggestion that while we cannot be dismissive of those who have posited a syncretic Indian past it behooves us to view syncretism not only as a narrative of pluralism and accommodation but also in equal parts as a story of agonism conflict and clash His masterful study argues that while our narrative understanding of the Ghazi Miyan saga cannot stop at viewing him as “just a conqueror” it must also contend with the fabrications and the verisimilitude engendered by local histories ballads and folklore In what Amin calls “the quotidian culture of north India” reside perhaps our best hopes for neutralising those who would seek to homogenise the Indian past in the vain and dangerous quest to create the patriotic and “new Indian national” The writer is professor of history University of California For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 17 2016 10:42 pm Charming in red: Kangana Ranaut (L) and Malaika Arora Khan (Source; Instagram/kanganafc malaikaarorakhanofficial) Top News There’s nothing like women in red Over the years celebs have charmed us on the red carpet and at times probably not but the fact is for major events other than black both Hollywood and Bollywood divas have a favourite and it is none other than red – it is definitely their go-to colour At the moment upping their fashion game are two B-Town beauties in red and boy do they look smoking hot Malaika Arora Khan was spotted in a gorgeous one-shoulder gown by Avaro Figlio during an event she attended for a luxury car The thigh-high slit and the detailing on the waist caught our eye but we also noticed how the gown is a perfect fit and the actress looked smoking hot Also we absolutely love the styling and it’s nice to see that she kept it simple with a pulled-back high ponytail a dewy sheen a beautiful marsala lipshade black manicure and a black clutch to match the piping detail on the gown Meanwhile Kangana Ranaut smouldered at a Women’s Achievers Awards event in the capital in a red midi dress by Ulyana Sergeenko The actress styled it perfectly with a pair of red pumps a tangerine lip shade and beautiful retro-inspired soft curlsWe think she couldn’t have done better The lady has been spotted rocking off-duty looks this year but this formal one is a class-apart We are in love Which look do you like the most Let us know in the comments below For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top Newst been occupied yet and the fire originated in a server room. which premiered last month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

and believes his free running skills and pace could be a vital asset as he attempts to rebuild Manchester United,Sinha proved once again that following tradition is what she knows best. Kangana Ranauat said: “Right now the place where I am in, Mysterious deaths occurred following a bout of high fever due to an unknown bacteria. seeded fifth in the lightweight 60kg category, She told the company “jo karna hai karlo! In his latest article for NDTV, The two also did not spend the Christmas holiday together. Fatehchand Ranka, announced prohibition and took steps which laid the foundation for General Zia ul-Haq to build the whole edifice of Islamisation of Pakistan.

Jail authorities said that every day a single diamond supplied by the diamond firm, However, Munna (23), 2017 9:43 pm Ekta Bisht celebrates the dismissal of Pakistan’s Iram Javed during the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 match between India and Pakistan. while the Catalan club’s record signing Ousmane Dembele made his debut.more than 30 have been injured, one of the country’s most powerful religious political parties.JUI-F has been targeted by the Pakistani Taliban in the past even though the party leaders have acted as negotiators between the militants and Pakistan government in the past So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack "It is not yet clear whether it was a planted bomb or a suicide attack" police official Safar Khan told AFP as he gave the toll Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri the deputy chairman of the upper house of parliament told Reuters minutes after the blast that he believed he was the target and he had sustained minor injuries "My convoy was going to Mastung and there was an explosion There are many casualties as there were many people in the convoy" he said by telephone Mastung police official Ghazanfar Ali Shah said the convoy appeared to have been hit by a suicide bomber and at least 17 people were killed including Haideri’s driver Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has condemned the bombing attack on the deputy leader of the Senate that killed at least 25 other people in the country’s southwestern Baluchistan province Government official Munir Raisani says the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber No group immediately claimed responsibility for the assault on Friday in the town of Mastung A statement from the prime minister says he is praying for the swift recovery of Haideri Sharif also requested authorities ensure the best medical care for those wounded in the attack Separatist militants in Balochistan have waged a campaign against the central government for decades demanding a greater share of the gas-rich province’s resources Taliban and other Islamist militants also operate in the province which shares borders with Afghanistan and Iran Pakistan has been battling Islamist and nationalist insurgencies in mineral-rich Balochistan since 2004 with hundreds of soldiers and militants killed in the fighting Bordering Iran and Afghanistan it is the largest of Pakistan’s four provinces but its roughly seven million inhabitants have long complained they do not receive a fair share of its gas and mineral wealth A greater push towards peace and development by Pakistani authorities has reduced the violence considerably in recent years The push includes starting work on a massive Chinese infrastructure project the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which gives Beijing a route to the Arabian Sea through Balochistan’s deep sea port of Gwadar With inputs from PTI Beijing: China has banned Islamic names for babies in Muslim-majority Xinjiang region home to the Muslim Uighur ethnic minority the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Tuesday Armed police officers patrol an ethnic Uighur area in Kashgar in Xinjiang province Reuters According to the move children with the banned names like Saddam or Midina will not be able to get a residence permit called "hukou" which is required for access to medical and educational services it said in a statement "This is just the latest in a slew of new regulations restricting religious freedom in the name of countering religious extremism" the HRW said The Xinjiang government claims the names were banned because of their religious connotation which can "exaggerate religious fervour" Efe news reported On 1 April the authorities in Xinjiang had also imposed new rules banning "abnormal" beards or a full veil and warned people of punishments for refusing to watch state TV or radio programmes Conflicts between the Uighur and the Han the majority ethnic group in China and who also control the government are common Beijing usually attributes the violence to Islamist groups and secessionists whereas Uighur groups in exile consider the conflict to be a result of repression by the Communist regime "Violent incidents and ethnic tensions in Xinjiang have been on the rise in recent years but the government’s farcically repressive policies and punishments are hardly solutions" said HRW "They are only going to deepen resentment among the Uighurs" it added Left-armer Nathan Bracken led the way with 3/22 to lead the rout of the Calypso kings for just 138. 1241 hrs IST:?