September 24, 2021
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first_imgPrepared by TIMD CambodiaPhnom Penh:  Cambodian Tong Il Moo Do Federation cooperated with Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport held the Tong Il Moo Do National Championship 2018 at National Olympic Stadium from 13 to 16 December 2018. There are 95 sportsmen and women registered and over 100 people attend the whole program.It is not only competition but also with HJ Character Education with the Principle of True Love: Principle of Dual Characteristics, Principle of Give and Take Action, Principle of Higher Purpose, Principle of 3 orderly Stages of Growth, and Principle of Freedom with Responsibility. Through the practice of TIMD we can fulfill the 3 purposes of TIMD: 1. To build mature character, 2. to build happy and ideal family and 3. to contribute to society.For the 3rd mandate and TIMD National Championship 2018 result, Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, Founder and President of World Tong Il Moo Do Federation and Executive Committee Members of Cambodian Tong Il Moodo Federation will focus on more on Hyo Jeong Character Education which we believe that the spiritual and physical strength must be in balance, and we have vision to put it into South-East Asian Games (SEA Games) by 2023 that Cambodia will be the host.In order to do that we need at least 6-7 nations which play Tong Il Moo Do that recognize by National Olympic Committee and Sport Authority in each nation; and we really want to go to Olympic Games in the future that we can promote World Peace through sport as Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Initiatives of Tong Il Moo Do wishes to do. We need the support from World Tong Il Moo Do to promote itself into the International Olympic Committee (IOC).VIPs and Guest SpeakersDr. Joon Ho Seuk, Founder and President, TIMD-WorldH.E Chey Chap, Adviser to Royal Government and President, TIMD-CambodiaMaster Takamitsu Hoshiko, Vice President and Secretary General, TIMD-WorldH.E Ros Chantrabot, Personal Adviser to the Prime Minister of CambodiaH.E Chong Pheth, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural DevelopmentMr. Mil Kado, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Education, Youth and SportMr. Chhun Chanthou, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Education, Youth and SportMr. Tuy Bunthoeurn, Expert Director, Ministry of Education, Youth and SportGrand Master Chea Nara, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaGrand Master Chheang Sovann, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaMr. Peter Schmittat, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaMrs. Masumi Schmittat, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaMaster Sim Touch, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaGen. Chhun Vortanak, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaMaster Ros Attra, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaDr. Tang Kimsruy, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaMr. Hoat Vichet, Adviser and Chief Intructor to TIMD-CambodiaMaster Sam Chay, Adviser to TIMD-CambodiaMr. Chea Vanchantra, Vice President,TIMD-CambodiaMr. Chamroeun Sophal, Secretary General, TIMD-CambodiaMr. Pheav Hang, Deputy Secretary General, TIMD-CambodiaMs. Man Sima, Deputy Secretary General, TIMD-CambodiaMaster Tang Pouheng, Finance Director, TIMD-CambodiaSportsmen and Women: 95Parents and relativeslast_img