September 24, 2021
  • 10:13 am Bank of Ireland sees losses surge
  • 10:13 am Retail sales up faster than forecast
  • 10:12 am Investors attack Mecom
  • 10:12 am Hedge funds lost out in August after stocks fell
  • 10:10 am Diageo says Europe is weak

first_img“You’ve been playing for a while now, why don’t you take a break?” If you own a Nintendo 3DS, then you’ve no doubt had to put up with this notification every 30-60 minutes while playing the handheld. It’s a rather intrusive pop up that cannot be turned off for many titles. So far, this sort of notification has been relegated to Nintendo’s system, but it seems that Microsoft will be implementing something similar with the Xbox One.While playing the backwards compatible Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the Xbox One, Reddit user, iBobaFett, was met with a notification that read: “Excessive game playing may cause problems in your daily life.” After failing to find others who were experiencing this, he decided to record a video of the notification and share it with the world. This is what he was met with after only one hour of playing the game.The user searched through the Xbox One’s settings and couldn’t find a way to disable the pop up. He goes on to say that he doesn’t play his console very often and that it had been “quite a while” since he last used it.Why is this happening? The user notes that he is in the Xbox One preview program. For those who don’t know, the preview program is a beta test of sorts that allows select users to try out upcoming features before they are released to everyone. It is possible that this notification will be part of a future Xbox One update (one most likely intended for parents to use to regulate how much time their children spend playing games). However, since this user is unable to turn it off, it is possible that he is experiencing a bug. The final version of this feature will no doubt allow users to turn it on or off.Have any of you seen this notification on your Xbox One? If so, were you able to disable it? Take a break from gaming and please let us know in the comments.last_img