September 24, 2021
  • 10:13 am Bank of Ireland sees losses surge
  • 10:13 am Retail sales up faster than forecast
  • 10:12 am Investors attack Mecom
  • 10:12 am Hedge funds lost out in August after stocks fell
  • 10:10 am Diageo says Europe is weak

first_imgMuch of success boils down to your focus and your mindset.What Do You Want?Hustlers focus on what they want. They focus on their vision and how they can bring it to life. By focusing on their dreams and goals, they move towards them. Focusing on what you want is how you succeed, even if it takes more time than you would like.Non-hustlers focus on what they don’t want. And because they aren’t focusing on what they want, their only target is what they are trying to avoid. The non-hustler makes their fears bigger than their dreams, instead of making their dreams bigger than their fears.Resources and ResourcefulnessHustlers focus on the resources they have available to them. They try to get everything they can out of whatever they have. That gets them far enough to create greater resources, and it allows them to squeeze the most that they can out of everything. Hustlers see abundance and are grateful. They’re resourceful, and they find a way.Non-hustlers focus on what they don’t have. They believe that they have a lack of resources and that this lacking absolves them of the responsibility to make do with what they have. Unsuccessful people see scarcity where it doesn’t exist. Being ungrateful for what they have makes those resources useless to them. Non-hustlers lack resourcefulness.Dreams and FearsSuccessful people focus on doing everything necessary to move towards success. They take action, even when they may not be ready, and even when they lack the resources. As they move forward, they move from small victories to larger victories. This is how you build success, brick by brick.Unsuccessful people repel success away from themselves by focusing on what they don’t want and what they don’t have. They can’t close the gap between their current state and a better future state because they are always staring at the wrong target. They let their fears direct them.Hustlers have dreams bigger than their fears.last_img