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first_imgCardsReferee: Xavier Estrada FernándezVAR Referee: David Medié JiménezMarc Cucurella (30 ‘, Yellow) Etebo (33 ‘, Yellow) Reguilón (34 ‘, Yellow) Nyom (34 ‘, Yellow) Jules Koundé (55 ‘, Yellow) Jorge Molina (58 ‘, Yellow) Djene (61 ‘, Yellow) Chema (85 ‘, Yellow) Nemanja Maksimovic (91 ‘, Yellow) Jesus Navas (92 ‘, Yellow Lopetegui breathes and Getafe wakes up. Sevilla went over it without bragging, but with seriousness and precision. He was better from the beginning and took advantage of his moments to win with authority and snatch the Champions League position from Bordalás, who paid for Thursday’s effort and made more mistakes than ever.Lopetegui was surprised by placing Gudelj as a free man to cover holes and help in the ball out and Sevilla entered the game better. His was the first clear occasion in a shot by Fernando that miraculously saved Soria.The azulones had a hard time settling down, although they had saved the furniture from the bad start without fitting despite their doubts. Little by little they began to arrive near Vaclik and balance the shock. And also came the hostility. In five minutes Estrada took four yellow and the rhythm no longer stopped. The blue team lost 0-3 to Sevilla in a thick and locked match in which the Andalusian team was very effective after deploying a slightly bright game. The Alicante coach criticized the double standards suffered by the blue team.“The label is put to us and nobody has said anything about the loss of time (of Seville). It’s funny, isn’t it? When Getafe wins it is said that nothing has been played and when it is lost, nothing. Today , Getafe loses and nobody says anything. It’s amazing, I’m very surprised, “ he pointed.In addition, he said that Getafe received too many yellow cards and gave an example to assess the difference in criteria of the match referee. “There was an entry from behind in the first half of the left side of Sevilla and they showed him nothing. Then, incomprehensibly Cucurella has been taken out one in a meaningless action.”He also said that the state of the lawn hurt Getafe and said it is “curious” that his own pitch does not benefit his players. “It is not in the best conditions. Let’s see if we recover it and it improves.”Regarding the duel against Sevilla, he indicated that he was a copy of the clash against Real Madrid with a first half that dominated the Getafe that ended up disadvantaged for his men by an unfortunate action of the Nigerian Etebo.“In the first eight ten minutes, they, with several corner kicks And lateral fouls created restlessness. Then we played almost the entire first time in the field of Seville. But unfortunately, they have scored us and it has been a psychological goal. They left the second time with the stimulus for the clouds. It’s a good team, it’s strong, and in a lateral foul, identically, they marked us. Then we went down and made the third one “he indicated.“Etebo has had bad luck when he slips. But in the risk zone, at the beginning, he shouldn’t have turned around. He is aware. We have encouraged him. We have to think about the next game and it will surely not happen again. “he added.Regarding whether the defeat against Sevilla drops Getafe to reality, he said that he and his team are always the same and recalled that he had a team that has the fourth highest budget in the entire category.“We have been quite superior in the first half and a mistake has marked the game. But we are the same and on Thursday we have a very difficult game. It was before this game and will continue to be. The favorite is Ajax and will continue to be “.“We don’t compare ourselves with anyone. We suffer a painful, excessive defeat in my view. We will always go step by step and game by game without forgetting who we are. Those euphoria are a blow to reality. There was bad luck in the first goal and the result is excessive.But we are the Getafe and in front we had the fourth budget.That is important, for others not.If it were not, the clubs would not spend the millions spent“.Finally, he recalled that the second leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League to play against Ajax will be complicated: “We are going to Amsterdam with a good but not definitive result. It is a team that made Real Madrid four in Bernabéu and three in Valencia in Mestalla. It is a great team”He finished. In the middle of the fever and when the teams sought respite from rest, the key action came. Etebo relaxed in the area and slipped leaving the ball loose. Reguilón did not lose the opportunity, stole and gave a goal to Ocampos who had intuited the play. When the players went to rest, their eyes showed that something serious had happened. The two teams had played on Thursday and the first blow was decisive.Bordalás moved the bench at halftime giving Angel entrance for a missing Deyverson. Almost nothing changed. The azulones engaged in a fight with Estrada Fernández, perhaps more for the past than for what was happening. And Sevilla at his own pace waited for the moment to end the game. First Fernando with the mediation of the VAR and then Koundé with the help of Soria finished the job.The Coliseum reacted then cheering on its heroes on the worst night. On Thursday there is a historic appointment in Amsterdam after a considerable blur. Sevilla looks again from above, normality returns to the top of the classification.LopeteguiJulen Lopetegui, coach of Sevilla, said Sunday at a press conference, after winning 0-3 to Getafe, that his team was “forceful” to overcome the team led by José Bordalás.The coach of the Andalusian team was very satisfied with the victory against Getafe, whom he praised for his work throughout this season and who did not rule out to fight until the end for one of the first four positions of LaLiga.“Today everything has been given and we are happy for the three points. Starting tomorrow, we will think about Thursday’s final and continue. Each game requires many things to compete with all the rivals. Getafe is a great team and a great coach They go to the limit and believe in what they do We have tried to counter that“, said.“We have been blunt. The first goal has given us security. In the second part we have made two more with space. Happy with three points. To follow. This does not stop. This is very long. It is very good to win and more when you wear a while without doing it “he added.In addition, he said that trust “is generated through victories” and not only with “good performances” and made it clear that the clash against Getafe will not be a turning point.“What there is is a next game, but nothing more. From there to prepare the next game. That is the progression. But it is always good to win”he stressed.He also said that Getafe will be a candidate for one of the first four positions: “It is a very good team. They qualify him in many ways and I classify him as a very good team. His players believe his coach to death and have been supporting him for years to dead”.“The budgets do not score goals. Getafe is up on its own merits. He was about to go to the ‘Champions’ last year, he is a great team, they won Ajax brilliantly. They are tremendously competitive and will compete until the last moment “he concluded.BordalásJosé Bordalás, coach of Getafe, lamented this Sunday at a press conference that his team always put the label that he plays badly and hard when he wins and criticized that, when he loses, his rivals nobody says anything when they act the same shape.center_img ChangesAngel (45 ‘, Deyverson), Bounou (45 ‘, Vaclik), Mauro Arambarri (57 ‘, Etebo), Kenedy (70 ‘, Nyom), Sergi Gómez (71 ‘, Suso), Óliver Torres (77 ‘, Fernando) Goals0-1, 42 ‘: Lucas Ocampos, 0-2, 66 ‘: Fernando, 0-3, 74 ‘: Jules Koundélast_img read more