August 5, 2021
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first_imgDražen Mladenović from Sarajevo participated in the World Weightlifting Championship in the category bench press and won the sixth place!The competition GPC World Championship was held in Knjaževac, Serbia, and only those who met the world norms got to participate in it. Around 500 competitors from 40 countries in total took part.“I performed on September 21 in the category Raw Bench Press up to 90 kilograms (24-40 years of age). I was the youngest and for the first time ever I was competing in that age group. The group was very extensive and it was an honor for me to compete against such strong men of the world,” said Dražen, adding:“I am very satisfied with my result. Other contestants in my group were Russians, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Poles, and in the end I still managed to win the high sixth place. Truly a lot is invested in competitors who performed and that is the reason why we achieved such great results. I must admit that I invest a lot in myself, without help from any sponsors, and this is a very demanding and expensive sport, so that adds weight to this result.”(Source: read more